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A Visit to a Town Called Santa Lucia

(This is part of my Ilocos Sur townhopping last June 15-16, 2013)

The sun is almost setting when I reached the town of Santa Lucia from Candon. I was already tired and would want to sleep but my mind is being kept awake by my desire to finish my itinerary, and have a view of the quiet and serene town known for its beautiful church.

Santa Lucia is the last Ilocos Sur town in my itinerary before I finally call it a day and go home to San Jose del Monte. I alighted the jeepney I was riding right at the front of Santa Lucia Municipal Hall, a simple but beautiful town hall. Just like what I used to do, I started my short walking tour of the town, observing and looking for anything that would pique my curiosity.

Santa Lucia Municipal Hall. Ilocos Sur.
Right in front of the town hall is a small park with central garden and a monument dedicated to someone which unfortunately I wasn't able to discover. The park, though small, is well-designed. It is installed with lampposts and the central garden is beautifully landscaped. I actually wanted to see the park during the night when those lampposts are lighted to see how beautiful it is but that would mean I should stay there until the night come, which I can't afford.

Santa Lucia Park. Ilocos Sur.

I also saw some old houses near the town hall. Both of the old houses pictured below are of the two-storey type where: the first floor is entirely made of concrete and hard materials (bricks in the case of the second one), with large doors and doorways typical of a Spanish-era houses; the second floor is made of wooden materials, with sliding windows made of wood and Capiz shells.

Old house. Santa Lucia. Ilocos Sur.
Old house. Santa Lucia. Ilocos Sur.
Known as Dumangague in the olden times, Santa Lucia was once a visita of the parish of Candon before it became an independent town. As a visita and later a town, it has its own church which started of as a simple one but now one of the most beautiful in the whole province.

Santa Lucia Church. Ilocos Sur.
The church's bell tower is four layered with a mini-dome on top while the facade has consoles projecting downward from the cornice, and described as Renaissance in style (IslandsPhilippines). What sets Santa Lucia Church apart from the other churches of Ilocos is its dome, the only one in all of Ilocos Region.

Santa Lucia Church Interior. Ilocos Sur.
The church's interior definitely doesn't disappoint. While the church's exterior is beautiful to behold, the interior is equally beautiful and attractive. The ceiling is painted with different bible scenes while the spaces between the painted scenes were not left bared and also painted with some patterns. The altar part is being roofed by a very large dome, also designed with paintings, patterns and beautiful architecture. 

Church Pulpit. Santa Lucia Church. Ilocos Sur.
The church also has a pulpit, where the priest says his sermon in the olden times. Even though it's not being used now and newer church designs doesn't incorporate it anymore, many churches, especially those built during the Spanish period have it, just like Santa Lucia. 

But the main attraction of the church is the 18th Century dark image of Sta. Lucia which is said to be miraculous especially for persons suffering from eye ailments. Attached to the vestment of Sta. Lucia are plates cast in the image of an eye. To access the image, a stairway was built leading to the niche where it is enthroned. Too bad I wasn't able to have access to the image because there's no other people in the church that time who I can ask permission from. 

Santa Lucia Church. Santa Lucia, Ilocos Sur.
After some more taking of pictures and checking out of the church's different parts, I decided it's time to go home and went back in front of the town hall where I waited for the bus going to Manila. Visiting Santa Lucia, especially its church, was definitely a wise decision even though I am already tired and sleepy because after all, the seemingly sleepy town made me more awake and definitely amazed!


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  1. It's really nice to appreciate the old churches and historical structures in Ilocos and Santa Lucia.

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  4. Visiting these old structures really is something. The experience is quite surreal, but the only thing I'm afraid of is seeing ghosts inside. :O

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  7. One word to describe the place, "Nostalgic". It made me reminisce back in time. Good to know that the local government are doing their part to preserve our national heritage.

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    ~Tracey Mae Cea