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Sinait : A Town of Legend

(This is part of my Ilocos Sur townhopping last June 15-16, 2013)

Sinait Church. Ilocos Sur.
From a short tour around Bantay, Ilocos Sur, the second town I visited the morning after my Abra town hopping is the town of Sinait, the northernmost town of Ilocos Sur. After Sinait comes the town of Badoc, which is already a part of Ilocos Norte province.

I alighted in front of the Sinait Municipal Park, located some steps away from the town church and the municipal hall. The park certainly needs some maintenance work but overall, is a nicely designed one.

Sinait Municipal Park. Ilocos Sur.
From the park, I next visited the town church which is one of the most visited churches of Ilocos Sur. During Lenten season, the Church of Saint Nicholas de Tolentino, the Sinait Town Church, is almost always included in many people's Visita Iglesia, particularly of those from the Ilocos Region.

The town church's design is a reminiscent of the olden times.It was erected by Spanish Missionaries on 1590, though I haven't been able to find the dates when the building of the stone church was started and finished. The town church's retablo is very beautiful and mirrors retablos of other old churches. 

Sinait Church Altar (Retablo). Ilocos Sur.
One indication that a church is indeed old and has witnessed the passage of history is the existence of a pulpit where the friars used to say their sermons. Sinait Church has it cementing the fact that it is indeed a silent witness to history. Actually, I have developed fascination about these pulpits that's why when I am visiting a church, these are one of the things I am always looking for. 

Sinait Church Pulpit. Ilocos Sur.

Interior of Sinait Church
By checking out the other parts of the church, I saw its large buttresses which are there to minimize the effect of earthquake on the church, just like in other churches where large buttresses are present. The garden at the side of the church are well maintained and adds much to the beauty of the place. 

Sinait Church Yard. Ilocos Sur.
An Old Bell
Sinait Town Church became more prominent when it became the home of a life-sized black image of the crucified Christ locally known as Sto. Cristo Milagroso. An interesting story about this image exists and it goes something like this: A group of early Spanish missionaries came to Nagasaki, Japan and brought the said image together with an image of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Because of persecution against Christians that time, these images were said to be put into a box and were left to drift into the water until it reached the bays of Sinait and Badoc. When the people of Badoc tried to lift the image of the Christ, they cannot lift it but the Sinaitenos had no difficulty doing the same. On the other hand, those from Badoc have not experienced any difficulty in lifting the image of the Blessed Virgin Mary but the Sinaitenos were not successful in trying to lift the image. In the end, the Sinaitenos brought the image of Christ to the town church while Badoc had the image of the Virgin Mary.

Sinait Church Side door. 
In 1656, the image of Christ was brought to Vigan because an epidemic was raging there. When the image was brought there, many were cured from their disease and that's the reason why many believed that the image was miraculous . Many attributed their being cured to their devotion to Sto. Cristo Milagroso. Since then, the image became famous and many people from far and near came to see it (Sinait Niceboard). The Sinait town church became a place for pilgrimage for the devotees until the present time. 

After visiting the church and saying a little prayer, I visited the town hall next but it was under construction that time so I didn't get to take a picture of it. From there, I hopped onto a southbound bus, ready to see the next town, Cabugao.


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  1. what a beautiful architectural structure. Church like this is part of Philippine history that the government should preserve.

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