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A Blast from the Past : Ilocos Sur

I have been to Ilocos Sur years back but during that time, I was not yet a travel blogger and a backpacker. Even then, I was already fascinated by the different town church that we have passed by, and the greeneries and natural wonders one will see while on the bus.  I have imagined myself then going back to Ilocos Sur and do a town hopping. That imagination came to reality after four years.

Ilocos Sur Capitol
It was June 15, 2013 when I decided to have a backpacking conditioning because I will be backpacking Palawan for 4 days at the end of the month.  I chose to go to Abra and Ilocos Sur, given the fact that Abra is the only Cordilleran Province I am yet to visit then, and I have been planning to have a town hopping in Ilocos Sur since 2012. I first townhopped Abra in June 15 and the story about it can be found here : My Abra Townhopping.

In the afternoon of June 15, I continued town hopping from Abra to the southern part of Ilocos Sur and visited some towns south of Vigan City before I call it a night and checked in at a Bantay inn.


After visiting Tangadan Tunnel in Abra, I took an air conditioned bus bound to Manila but alighted in the town of Santa Maria, Ilocos Sur. Here, I was able to visit the famed Santa Maria Church, one of the four Philippine Baroque Churches inscribed in UNESCO Heritage list. This is actually the 2nd Church included in that list that I have visited. 

Santa Maria Church, Ilocos Sur. UNESCO Heritage Site.
Aside from the church, there are also many old houses in the town as well as some ruins of red-brick houses and fences. The town plaza is also a good place to visit.

From Santa Maria, I again went north to the town of Narvacan. There was a construction in the town plaza during my visit so I haven’t been able to see how it looks during ordinary days. I visited the beautiful Narvacan Church, the town hall, and some old houses along the way.

Narvacan Church. Ilocos Sur.

The town of Santa is the next town I visited after Narvacan. This town is the birthplace of Gabriela Silang according to written history. The town church is also beautiful and a park dedicated to former first lady Imelda Marcos can be found there. Before you reach the town of Santa, you will be passing by this bridge giving you a beautiful view of an estuary : a meeting place of the sea and a river flowing in between mountains.

Santa, Ilocos Sur.
From Santa, I went to Bantay and checked in at Henady Inn. Said inn is just some steps away from Bantay Municipal Hall and Bantay Town Church and Bell Tower. In fact, I had a very good view of the Bantay Bell Tower from the porch of the inn. Unfortunately, when I took a picture of the bell tower from the porch, it was raining very hard. 

Bantay Bell Tower. Bantay, Ilocos Sur
The inn is also just about 450 meters away from Vigan so it’s fine to walk towards Vigan City proper though you can also get a tricycle. That night, I had a stroll in Vigan and watched the magnificent dancing fountain of Vigan City.

Vigan City
The next day, I had a walking tour of the town of Bantay. I visited the town church and also had a 360 degree view of Ilocos Sur through the Bantay Bell Tower. 

From Bantay, I took a bus bound to Laoag so that I can visit the northernmost town of Ilocos Sur, Sinait. I visited the town church as well as the town hall, which at that time is currently under construction/renovation.

Sinait Church. Ilocos Sur.
After Sinait, I then go towards south again, stopping for a short visit to the town of Cabugao. In that town, I visited the Cabugao Town Church and Town Hall.

Cabugao Town Church. Ilocos Sur.

From Cabugao, I then went straight to the museum town of Magsingal, where a branch of the National Museum is located. Aside from the beautiful church and bell tower, Magsingal boasts of its newly built and very beautiful municipal hall with a spacious park beside it. 

Magsingal Munipal Hall. Ilocos Sur.

From Magsingal, I went back to Vigan to buy some pasalubongs such as bagnet and longanisa. I also had a short tour to other parts of Vigan specifically Simbahan sa Basset, a lesser known structure in Vigan. From Vigan, I chartered a tricycle to bring me to the town of San Vicente.

San Vicente Integrated School.

San Vicente has an old Church just like other Ilocos Sur towns. Aside form that, there are plenty of Spanish era structure there such as the elementary school, and an old Catholic school. After my walking tour around San Vicente, I get back to Vigan Bus Terminal and rode a bus to Candon City. 

Candon Church and Bell Tower. Ilocos Sur.
I also did a walking tour around Candon and bought their famous kalamay and chichacorn. From there, I took a jeepney which then brought me to the last town in my itinerary, the town of Santa Lucia.

Santa Lucia Church. Ilocos Sur.
Santa Lucia also has a very big Spanish era church. You can also find some old houses in the town proper as well as their seemingly old town hall. After some minutes of taking pictures of Santa Lucia, I flagged down a bus going to Manila and called it a day... A very memorable and fulfilling day for a history and heritage structure buff like me!


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