Thursday, July 5, 2012

My Own Kind of Travelling : City and Town Hopping

Every place that I visit is always a new place for me... I find it impossible to compare each place with another because I always find some beauty in it which I can't explain.

All I know is I love the place. And I do love to visit places.

Be it a bustling center, a sleepy town, a grandiose church, a skyscraper, a mountain, a beautiful plaza, an artful town hall, everything... I love them all.

My project? To visit all the Philippine provinces and cities of the Philippines. And I have started this project this year (though I have visited some of the provinces and cities before 2012).

As I am writing this very first entry in my blog, the following map will show you the progress of my project:

I know it will still be a long way to go but I'm definite I will do all I can for the succes of this project. My prize? Well... self fulfillment, experience, and great memories!

All my wanderings, memories and travel experiences will be related in this blog. So keep posted! :)

credits to Eugene Villar for his wonderful interactive map...

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About the Author

I am ROMEL RAFOR JAIME, the man behind San Josenyong Gala. My travel blogger name came about because I am a proud resident of the City of San Jose del Monte, Bulacan. In real life, I am a licensed librarian who works in a college in Gapan, Nueva Ecija as a librarian and teaches general education subjects from time to time. My goal is to visit all the 81 provinces of the Philippines before visiting other countries. As of 2017, I have already visited 73... :)


  1. City and Town Hopping is my most favorite type of travel. Second to the last paragraph, you got me there, great words :)

    1. Thanks brod...

      It's a passion. Just like true love, you can't explain why... :)

  2. Bro. we still have our Luzon loop this coming year remember? hehe... I got some wild idea about it if you will be amenable hihihi...