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25 Bulacan Churches for your Visita Iglesia (Part 3)

For many people, Holy Week is that time of the year when they would visit churches as their own way of penitence and observing the sanctity of the Christ's passion in the cross. Some would go to far-away provinces to visit different churches though many would prefer nearer churches, especially those who are from Metro Manila. Fortunately, Bulacan, a province just north of Metro Manila, has many churches which are perfect for a meaningful Visita Iglesia.

Bulacan is an averaged sized province and visitors would not be able to cover all its churches in a one day Visita Iglesia. Depending on what visitors prefer and from where they will come from, they can choose from three clusters of churches to be visited. They can choose Eastern Bulacan (Part 1), Southwestern Bulacan (Part 2), or Northwestern Bulacan (Part 3) Visita Iglesia.

Below is a suggested guide to a Visita Iglesia in Northwestern Bulacan:


Plaridel Church

Church details. The church is one of the oldest in Bulacan. In the olden times, this church administers spiritual needs of citizens as far as San Ildefonso, Baliwag, Bustos and Angat when those are not yet towns but are still under the jurisdiction of Quingua, the old Plaridel. It has a facade which have Moorish influence while at the side is a beautifully made octagonal bell tower of four levels. 

Location. Plaridel Town Proper

How to get there? From Cubao, get on any bus bound to Cabanatuan (Five Star, Baliwag Transit, ES Transport). Alight at Plaridel crossing and ride a jeep or a tricycle going to Plaridel Town Proper. The church is just in front of Plaridel Municipal Hall.


Pulilan Church

Church details. This church was established in 1749 at the time the town was still part of the province of Pampanga. It is famous for the Carabao Festival where the parading carabaos kneel down upon reaching the front of the church.

Location. Pulilan Town Proper

How to get there? Get on a jeep passing in front of Plaridel Church with a signboard "Pulilan". Get off at Pulilan Crossing then ride another jeep going to Pulilan town proper. 


Calumpit Church

Church details. This church was founded in the 1570's during the time the place where it stands is also still part of the province of Pampanga. The church facade is definitely a relic of the colonial past: the beautifully embossed designs and the adobe used is a testament to the artistry of the men who built the church.

Location. Calumpit, Bulacan

How to get there? Ride a jeep passing in front of Pulilan church with a signboard "Calumpit". Ask the driver to drop you off in the street where you can just walk from towards Calumpit church.


Baliwag Church

Church details. The beautiful church's facade is mostly built with ladrillo making it a good example of a Spanish-era church. It's architectural stye is baroque, just like many other Spanish-era churches in the Philippines. The church was established in 1733 and the construction of the church started in 1790. The annual Good Friday procession in the town of Baliwag, which features hundred of carrozas bearing different images depicting the life of Christ, starts and ends in this church.

Location. Baliwag Town Proper

How to get there? From Calumpit, get back to the highway then ride a jeep going back to Pulilan (until Pulilan Crossing). From Pulilan Crossing, ride another jeep going to Baliwag Town Proper. Baliwag Church can easily be spotted upon arriving at the town proper.

5. Sto Nino Church, Bustos

Bustos Church

Church details. This church was established after the town of Bustos separated from its mother town of Baliwag in 1867. The present church edifice was built recently though it still echoes style of old prevalent in Bulacan Churches. 

Location. Bustos

How to get there? From Baliwag Town Proper, ride a jeep going to Angat. It will pass through Bustos. Get off in front of Bustos Church.


San Rafael Church

Church details. A historical church which was a witness to skirmishes between Katipuneros against the Spaniards during the Filipino-Spanish War in 1896. The parish was established in 1750 and construction of the stone church started later.

Location. Poblacion, San Rafael

How to get there? From Bustos Church, get back to Baliwag Town Proper. Ride a jeep from Baliwag going to San Rafael. Ask the driver to drop you off in a place where you can just walk from going to the church.


San Ildefonso Church

Church details. Originally administered through San Rafael, the church became the town church of San Ildefonso, formerly known as Barrio Bulak, when it separated from the town of San Rafael.

Location. Poblacion, San Ildefonso

How to get there? From San Rafael Church, ride a tricycle and tell the driver to bring you to the highway where you can ride a jeep or bus going to San Ildefonso. Get off in front of the church.


San Miguel Church

Church details. This church is the center of the Heritage Town of San Miguel where numerous old buildings exists, including the town hall which is used until today. It was a witness to the bloody battle between the Philippine and Spanish troops during the Filipino-Spanish war. 

Location. San Miguel Town Proper

How to get there? Ride a jeep across San Ildefonso Church with a signboard "San Miguel". That jeep will enter San Miguel Town Proper. Get off near the church. 

San Miguel Church is the last part of your Northwestern Bulacan Visita Iglesia. The map below shows the part of Bulacan you have visited:

It would be better if you would start your Visita Iglesia early so as to be sure that you will have ample time to visit all the churches in your itinerary. Having your own car will be a big help. If you still have time, you may also visit "Banal na Bundok" in San Miguel as part of your "penitensya".

You may also try Eastern Bulacan or Southwestern Bulacan Visita Iglesia (just click the image of the Visita Iglesia you prefer below) :

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  2. ST. FRANCIS OF ASSISSI CHURCH, Meycauayan is located in Barangay Poblacion Meycauayan not in Malhacan.

    The church in Malhacan is the San Isidro San Roque Parish Church a.k.a "Simbahang Bilog"