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25 Bulacan Churches for your Visita Iglesia (Part 1)

For many people, Holy Week is that time of the year when they would visit churches as their own way of penitence and observing the sanctity of the Christ's passion in the cross. Some would go to far-away provinces to visit different churches though many would prefer nearer churches, especially those who are from Metro Manila. Fortunately, Bulacan, a province just north of Metro Manila, has many churches which are perfect for a meaningful Visita Iglesia.

Bulacan is an averaged sized province and visitors would not be able to cover all its churches in a one day Visita Iglesia. Depending on what visitors prefer and from where they will come from, they can choose from three clusters of churches to be visited. They can choose Eastern Bulacan (Part 1), Southwestern Bulacan (Part 2), or Northwestern Bulacan (Part 3) Visita Iglesia.

Below is a suggested guide to a Visita Iglesia in Eastern Bulacan:


San Lorenzo Ruiz de Manila Church

Church details. The parish was established in 2001 and the church was built in 2003. The church facade is simple though with an air of beauty reminiscent of old age churches that use adobe as the main material. Its octagonal belfry is also a look alike of Barasoain Church's belltower. 

Location. Pleasant Hills Subdivision, San Jose del Monte City

How to get there? From Cubao, Commonwealth or Novaliches area, just ride a bus or jeep going to Tungko or Sapang Palay. Tell the conductor or driver to drop you off at Pleasant Hills. From Pleasant Hills gate, you can just walk to the church or opt to ride a tricycle.


Our Lady of Lourdes Grotto Church

Church details. This church, built by a cancer survivor in the 1960's, is an exact replica of the Our Lady of Lourdes Church in France. It has a large complex which houses a grotto where a natural spring can be found, stations of the cross with larger than life statues, and a giant rosary. The place is a famous Philippine pilgrimage site every Holy Week where thousands of people flock and stay to spend their Maundy Thursday and/or Good Friday. 

Location. Graceville, San Jose del Monte City

How to get there? From Pleasant Hills, just ride a jeep with a sign board "Grotto". Alternatively, you can ride a jeep to Tungko and just walk from there to the church as part of your "penitensya". 

3. ST. JOSEPH THE WORKER CHURCH, San Jose del Monte City

San Jose Church

Church details. The parish was founded in 1751 and in those time, the church was only made of light materials. The construction of the stone church was started in 1842 and was finished some years after. Burned at least thrice, first during the Spanish-Filipino war, second during the Japanese-Filipino war, and third during the Huk/Sakdal uprising in the 1960's. Though the church still has its air of antiquity, it is now a remodeled one, keeping only the original bell tower intact.

Location. Poblacion, San Jose del Monte City

How to get there? Ride a jeep from Grotto going to San Jose. Get off right in front of the Church.


Santa Maria Church

Church details. Also known as the Church of Pandi, this church has been a witness to the town as well as the province's history. The church was established in 1792 and has experienced some damages from an earthquake and fire. The present church was erected in the 19th Century. 

Location. Poblacion, Santa Maria

How to get there? Ride a jeep from San Jose to Santa Maria. Upon getting off at the jeepney terminal in Santa Maria, just ask around where the church can be found. Or look up straight at the road where you can find McDonald and Jolibee on either side and the church will be visible from there.


Pandi Church

Church details. The church was founded in the 1940's and has been since taking care of the spiritual needs of the town's citizen. The church is simple and the size is average but the interior is simply breathtaking. 

Location. Pandi

How to get there. Ride a jeepney from Santa Maria going to Pandi. Ask the driver to drop you off at a place where you can easily reach the church.


Norzagaray Church

Church details. The original church was destroyed by fire in 1959 so the present huge but simple church is a product of a reconstruction that began in 1961. 

Location. Poblacion, Norzagaray.

How to get there? Ride a jeep from Santa Maria going to Norzagaray town proper. The Church is just near the town's municipal hall.


Angat Church

Church details. The church was built from 1758 to 1773, making it one of the oldest extant church in the province. Its beautiful facade is a sight to behold as well as the paintings on the church's ceiling. The church's interior ambiance is perfect for soul searching and spiritual meditation.

Location. Poblacion, Angat

How to get here? Ride a tricycle from Norzagaray crossing. You may also ride a bus passing through Norzagaray crossing though the trip is limited and has a schedule.

8. OUR LADY OF LOURDES CHURCH, Dona Remedios Trinidad

Dona Remedios Trinidad Church

Church details. Among all the town churches of Bulacan, this church is the youngest, being only founded in the 1970's. Though short of antiquity and nostalgic appearance, the church's location is good enough to be visited. Everywhere you look at is green which makes you more relaxed and one with nature. It also gives you the right amount of ambiance for meditation.

Location. Pulong Sampalok, Dona Remedios Trinidad

How to get there? Ride a jeep from Angat or you may also opt to take the tricycle. 

DRT Church is the last part of your Eastern Bulacan Visita Iglesia. The map below shows the part of Bulacan you have visited:

It would be better if you would start your Visita Iglesia early so as to be sure that you will have ample time to visit all the churches in your itinerary. Having your own car will be a big help though you may experience heavy traffic in the San Jose del Monte leg because of the influx of pilgrims in Grotto. 

You may also try Northwestern Bulacan or Southwestern Bulacan Visita Iglesia (just click the image of the Visita Iglesia you prefer below) :

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  3. Planning to go Bulacan for my Visita Iglesia this Holy Week, thank you for this informative article.

  4. Planning to go Bulacan for my Visita Iglesia this Holy Week, thank you for this informative article.

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