Monday, October 14, 2013

Photo Blogged : Malipano Island View Deck

No, I wasn't able to set foot at the famous Malipano Island of Davao Pearl Farm fame. I just looked at it from a distance and were able to appreciate its beauty, thanks to a strategically located view deck at the elevated eastern edge of Kaputian.

After visiting former Kaputian Town Hall, Kaputian Church, Kaputian Beach Park and Samal Art Legacy, we proceeded to our next destination : the Malipano Island View Deck.

Malipano Island
Malipano Island View Deck is a well-located view deck because it gives the visitor a very good view of Malipano Islands below. Aside from the view of the islands, one can have a view of the blue waters of Davao Gulf and the coast of Davao Provinces. 

Malipano Island View Deck
People  who enjoy to commune with nature will definitely enjoy the view deck. The place is so peaceful where one can just sit down and enjoy the greenness around them while enjoying the cool air making them relaxed both in mind and in body.

Road leading to Malipano Island View Deck

Nature at its best!
The best view from the deck for me is the view of Mt. Apo. In a clear-blue sky, Mt. Apo can be clearly seen from the same view deck though the sky was not that clear when I was there so I have to settle with just the famous mountain's silhouette.

View of Mt. Apo

Being in this view deck and experiencing seeing all the good views it offers is a must when one is in Samal Island. It's just like seeing something you know you can't own but the feeling of seeing it and appreciating it is enough to make you happy... and contented.


This is part of my Davao Region Tour, November 30 to December 2, 2013

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