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Kaputian Beach and the Samal Art Legacy

Samal Island's Kaputian Beach is one of those I consider a favorite, and the time and effort it takes to reach it is nothing compared to what one would feel upon seeing it. Said beach is one of the first spots I visited on the first day of my tour around Samal Island. 

Kaputian Beach. Samal Island.
It was a very calm day and the view of the beach made me feel calmer, and contented. I was filled with joy then because of finally experiencing the beauty of the island, especially one of its finest beach. I maybe exaggerating, yes, but that was what I really felt then. Maybe it was because that was the first time I saw a beach outside of Luzon (except Boracay and Puerto Galera), or maybe because I have so much expectations that time that the place was able to fulfill, or simply maybe because I was just a new traveler who knew nothing of other places yet which some other would call more beautiful than what Samal Island has. 

The smooth white sand of Kaputian Beach

Kaputian Beach

Kaputian Beach has smooth white sand which is very comfortable to walk on. And I did walk on it barefoot and savor the feeling of walking along a beach, even just for a short time, with a very picturesque view of Talikud Island just a boat ride away, and of the very tranquil waves of the blue waters of the Davao Gulf.

Talikud Island as viewed from Kaputian Beach

The local government has turned the beach into Kaputian Beach Park, a beach park open for all who wants to swim, relax, have a picnic, or just enjoy the sunshine. Cottages, huts and rooms where put up for those who want to spend their whole day or have an overnight at the beach for a minimal fee.

Entrance fee is Php 5.00 (kids), Php 10.00 (adults) and Php 150.00 (domesticated animal) for a day tour. For those who want to stay overnight, entrance fee is Php 25.00 (kids) and Php 75.00 (adults). Rooms are also available with rates as follow : Php 300.00 (small cottage for 2, fan room), Php 400.00 (small cottage for 2, air-conditioned), Php 800.00 (big cottage for 4, air-conditioned, with own toilet and bath). I didn't get to spend the night in Kaputian Beach Park because there's just so many places in the island I want to visit that time. 

A Dugong in display just outside the Kaputian Beach Park.

Not far from Kaputian Beach Park is an artist haven known as the "Samal Art Legacy". I actually have no idea at first that the dilapidated looking house I was looking at is the Samal Art Legacy already until my friend Wilmar invited me to visit it, and have a look inside.

Samal Art Legacy

Inside was different beautiful artworks by its resident artist, Jay-jay, who unfortunately I wasn't able to meet. Different media was used but most of the artworks are 3 dimensional. Some are wood and stone carvings while some are mix of different materials made into a piece of a single artwork.

Stone Carvings at Samal Art Legacy

Wood Carvings at Samal Art Legacy
Outside the house is a garden which is actually still part of the gallery. Different beautifully designed dish gardens will greet the visitors upon entering the small garden, showing the artist's creativity, not only on the use of solid, lifeless materials but also of the living ones. 

Dish Gardens at Samal Art Legacy
A visit to Kaputian Beach coupled with a visit to Samal Art Galery will complete an hour tour of the southern tip of Samal Island. I didn't take a dip at Kaputian Beach but I made sure that I enjoyed the beautiful sceneries and its relaxing atmosphere. Swimming would have to wait until that night (which I also enjoyed so much albeit on another beach, Babak Beach). 

Even I was able to see many beaches after seeing Kaputian Beach, I still consider it one of my favorite. Maybe it was because of the inherent, and untouched beauty of the beach or just because of how it made me feel that day. Either way, it will always be part of my list of the most beautiful beaches, next only to El Nido, Boracay, and Sinapaan (of Samal Island also, if you could call it a beach).

This post is part of my Samal Island tour series. Please keep posted for more interesting posts about the city...


This is part of my Davao Region Tour, November 30 to December 2, 2013

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  1. I would also like to experience that feeling you had when you visited that beach..:-) how i wish makapag travel ako mag-isa outside luzon.. too scared to try..:-D

    1. Don't be scared... just be cautious... O kaya naman, sasamahan kita... :)

  2. Putting it on the list next to el nido and boracay makes me woder maganda tlga to heheh

    1. Yup... Na-appreciate ko talaga ang ganda at serenity ng Samal Island. Hindi maingay at hindi matao... Makakapagrelax ka talaga and commune with nature... Balak ko din bumalik sa Samal next year, sabay na tayo brod... :)

  3. Hope to meet you there pagbalik mo sir.,.,hehehe

    1. Cge brod... Konti na langh, makakabalik ka na sa Samal... Kita kitz! :)

  4. Ganda! <3 Konti palang naeexplore ko outside Luzon, Boracay and Palawan palang... Hope to explore Mindanao soon... (infairness, mura entrance fee... di tulad nung sa..... hehe)

    1. Tama... ang mura nga... Hehehe... wag lang tayo magdadala ng pet, 150.00 ang entrance nun... Hehehe.... :)

  5. Ako nman naiinggit haha. This is best than pearl farm specially the vanishing island cheaper pa. I'll ask my cousin to visit it with me kakamiss nga ung serenity sa Samal Island. :)

    1. Tama po... You will like Vanishing Island... Kung mahilig po kayo sa tahimik ngunit nakaka-inspire na lugar, bagay po kayo sa Vanishing Island... :)

  6. Helo po… Buti na lang nakita ko itong blog niyo sa net… ask ko lang po sana kung merong mga boats for island hopping dyan sa kaputian beach resort and how much kaya? tpos meron rin po bang multicab if we want to visit hagimit & montfort and how much rin? lastly po, may mga utensils po ba doon like for example lutuan ng bigas etc? looking forward for your reply kasi we will be there on the 19th of jan 2014 pero di pa ako nakakapagpa book… salamat po in advance…P.S. may contact number po kayo nung kaputian beach resort???

  7. Hi po Ms./Mr. Anonymous!

    Pacenxa na po at hindi ako nakapagreply agad. May I just refer you to my friend in Samal? His name is Wilmar and here's his number: 09127875890

    Nung nagpunta po kasi ako sa Hagimit at Monfort, nakahabal-habal lang po ako. What I know is that other private resort offers service for a fee para sa tour around the island.

  8. hi po. ..paano po mgpabook ng rooms good for 2 po kami april 5, 2014. ..please txt me. ..this isa my # 09177140748. .thank you

    1. Magandang araw po! As far as I know, you just have to go there and check in... I don't have their no., pacenxa na po kayo...