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Dakak : Food, Beach, Adventure and Many More!

Good food, white beach, classy accommodations, thrilling adventures, luxury sports. Who wouldn't want them all? You can experience them all at DAKAK, the most famous park and beach resort in Mindanao!

This resort is tucked in a large "once-upon-a-time-forest" area in the north of Dapitan City, Zamboanga de Norte. Its name is actually an apt description of the very place where it can be found for it is a portmanteau of two Visayan words "dako" (large) and "kakahuyan" (woods/forest). 

Dakak has always been the gem of Dapitan Tourism alongside Rizal Shrine. For many years, tourists from many parts of the world flock to Zamboanga del Norte to experience Dakak and all the things it can offer. With the continued discovery and increase in popularity of many other virgin beaches around the country, there was a time that Dakak's popularity waned but through the effort of the Dapitan Tourism Council and the new management of the resort, it is now back with a bang!

One of the rooms where I stayed

I personally experienced many of the good things this resort can offer to its guests when I came to Dapitan City to cover the Kinabayo Festival (read more about this festival here) last July 2017. I stayed here for four (4) days and I can definitely say that it is one of the most comfortable stay in a hotel I had in the many years of my travel. When I was there, I learned that the hotel is with a new management and they have recently added many more activities and amenities to its existing range of services in order to further extend its reach. It has opened more restaurants and added more rooms to accommodate the increasing demand for a luxurious yet affordable hotel for the Dapitan City visitors.

Dakak accomodatons
No one will go hungry in Dakak for it has numerous restaurants for different taste buds. There's the Bamboo Cafe offering Filipino and American cuisine coupled with its stunning view of the Dakak beach; Il Patio Ristorante Italiano for the pasta lover; Tai Restaurant for the Chinese food aficionados; and the newly opened Cliff Asian Fusion Restaurant for Japanese and Korean food lover. I tried dining in all the mentioned restaurant except Tai and I can say that their food are good, especially that of Bamboo Cafe.

Cliff Asian Fusion Restaurant. Serves a fusion of Japanese and Korean cuisine.

There is also no shortage of activities in Dakak. For adventure seekers, there's Dakak Adventure Zone wherein you can try Dual Zipline, Horseback riding, Airsoft Game, and All Terrain vehicle (ATV). For Aqua Sports, there are scuba diving, jetskiing, kayaking, banana boat, hobbie cat, parasailing, wakeboarding, snorkeling, and pedal boat. For those who enjoy inland sports, you can play lawn tennis, badminton and beach volleyball. Dakak has also recently inaugurated its 50 hectare golf course comprising a series of 18 holes of which 9 is already open.Of these activities, I only tried Dual Zipline because we also have too much activities to attend and cover in the town proper.

San Josenyong Gala at Dakak Adventure Park 


One of the new offerings of the resort really caught my attention and I think this is the best addition to their range of offerings for it makes it possible for barkadas and families to enjoy Dakak in very affordable price. It is also very friendly to those young professionals who just have weekend to spend in leisure and relaxation activities.

Pavillion Room exterior

Inside the Pavillion Rooms

To be able to reach the needs of weekend travelers, Dakak has just recently opened their Pavillion Rooms which can be booked for only 1,399 nett per person (as of writing) with a minimum of 10 people per booking. It already includes: room accommodation, set breakfast, and Fantasyland tickets.* 

I find it really good that the resort is now trying to reach out to the needs of budget weekend travelers because nowadays, this types of travelers are the ones dominating the local travel industry and it is just fitting that Dakak tries to capture this market.

All in all, I can say Dakak is a very beautiful resort with great amenities and many different activities to enjoy. There is no way one would be bored while staying there because of the many things he can do, many food he can taste and many sights and scenery he can enjoy (though obviously, one has to ready his pockets too... 😄). 

Some other packages can be found in the leaflet provided by the resort below:

*(I don't know if this price will remain as it is for the rest of the year but it is possible to ask them directly at the following numbers: 0915 318 5238 // 0946 643 1814 // 0927 490 2057 // 0939 922 5401)


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