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Bambang, Nueva Vizcaya

This post is part of my Nueva Vizcaya Series chronicling my 2013 and 2015 visits to the province. To see other towns, refer to the linked list after the article.

Saint Catherine of Siena Church. Bambang Church.

Bambang can be considered as the center of the province of Nueva Vizcaya as far as geography is concerned, more centrally located than the province's capital, Bayombong. This town shares history with its neighbor towns of Bayombong, Kayapa, and Aritao as they were all part of a single mission called Ytuy established by the Dominicans in 1609.

Bambang Municipal Hall
Bambang was finally made into an independent town in the year 1747 and continued to exist as such until today. Presently, it is considered as one of the two commercial districts of Nueva Vizcaya (the other one being Solano) as evidenced by the many business establishment found along Maharlika Highway. The town is definitely on the road to progress and continuous development but despite this, it has managed to retain a piece of its important cultural and historical property, the Spanish-era church dedicated to Saint Catherine of Sienna, commonly known as the Bambang Church.


This Spanish-era edifice was built and finished in the latter years of the 1700's. Though the Dominicans established their convent in Bambang in 1751, the construction of the church started after more than twenty years, during the curacy of Father Domingo Caro. The year was 1772 when the first cornerstone of the church was laid, then the year 1791 saw its successful completion. The interior of the church shows how thick the church walls are as well as the brick materials used to build it. 

Bambang Church Interior
The church facade greatly resembles that of Dupax del Sur Church, an older one which can be found south of Bambang. Its four level bell tower bears an inscription of the years they were completed. The first layer has 1786 while the 3 other layers has 1787, 1788, and 1789 respectively.

Bambang Church
Bambang Church has a very beautiful well-kept yard facing the municipal hall complex. Though not historic or old, the municipal hall is worthy of a visit for those who appreciates beautiful and modern government edifices. It is readily accessible from the Bambang Church yard.

Bambang Church yard facing the Municipal Hall
Just outside the municipal hall can be found an interesting monument which depicts two natives in the act of planting. This is supposed to be the Bambang Monument erected to symbolize the arrival of farming knowledge to the natives inhabiting the area, as well as (in my own opinion) the status of Bambang as the agricultural capital of Nueva Vizcaya.

Bambang Agricultural Monument

From Cubao, you can ride Florida, Five Star or other buses bound to Tuguegarao or Ilagan. Just tell the driver to drop you off at Bambang. From Bambang (any point in Maharlika Highway), get on a tricycle to bring you to the church. You may also opt to walk to the church. Just ask around how to get there.

If you are coming from Tuguegarao or any town north of Nueva Vizcaya, you may ride any bus bound to Manila/Cubao and tell the driver to drop you off at Bambang. 

I visited Bambang both in 2013 and 2015.

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