Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Experiencing Malabon Food!

Yes, it was really a food tour. When Jun (of Lakwatserong Opis Worker) invited us to visit his beloved city, he termed it as Malabon Food Tour (and on the day of the tour itself, it became Malabon Food and Heritage Tour). And the biggest bait? The crispy pata, Malabon version pictured above! I and MJ swore that we should not leave Malabon without tasting any of their Crispy Pata recipe, and so we visit one of the most popular restaurant in Malabon, the Mary Jay's which can be found at General Luna St., Brgy Ibaba, Malabon.

Pichi-Pichi with cheese instead of grated coconut
We also have the chance to taste Malabon's version of Pichi-pichi where instead of grated coconut, it is topped with grated cheese. It definitely tastes heavenly! We bought our Pichi-pichi from Mila Flores Pichi-pichi which can also be found in Gen. Luna St., near Mary Jay's. 

Dolor's Kakanin. Main Branch.
Dolor's Kakanin is the most famous kakanin maker in Malabon and we definitely didn't want to miss it so we visited their main branch at No. 19, Gov. Pascual Ave. There, we bought a small sized sapin-sapin then proceeded to one of their branch almost at the same place and ordered there Pancit Malabon.

Dolor's Pancit Malabon
Dolor's Sapin-sapin

And then as if we haven't eaten enough, we also get to visit Aling Tessie's Puto Store in Flores St., Brgy. Flores where we saw an almost hole in the wall store selling puto (already expected, the old man gamely posed with the store's puto and told us to take a shot of him, and the puto's) and an interesting merienda item called Turong Pinipig (also known as "triangle").

Aling Tessie's Puto
Triangles are cooked just like your regular Turon but, yes you guessed it! It is triangular in shape. It has pinipig, banana, and langka inside.

Aling Tessie's Turong Pinipig or "Triangle".
And before we call it a day, we visited Betsy's in Malabon Proper to buy some pasalubong. Their pastries, cookies and other products tastes good though I find their prices too high. I bought just four items in small packages and it already cost me Php 279.00. I think it's because they are banking in their name too much but maybe I am wrong. Or maybe, I just don't like sweets at all... Hehehe...

All in all, our Malabon Food Tour was a definite success and we got home full... of food and memories... :)

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