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Concepcion Church, Malabon

Malabon's historical Concepcion Church
Concepcion Church can be found in Barangay Concepcion, in front of the barangay hall. It is one of the three best known churches of Malabon which dates back to the Spanish period. A historical marker was installed here by the National Historical Insttute and reads as follows:


Founded by the Augustinian Priests as a visita of Tambobong, now Malabon, under the patronage of La Purisima, 1607. First chapel made with stone and bricks was built, 1866. Destroyed by earthquake, 1880. Present church rebuilt, 1886. Occupied by the Philippine Independent Church, 26 November 1902. Returned to the Roman Catholic Church in accordance with the order of the Supreme Court of the Philippines, 24 November 1906. Became a Parish, 1907. Pope John Paul II approved the canonical coronation of the old image of La Inmaculada Concepcion of Malabon, 16 September 1986. Canonical coronation done by Jaime Cardinal Sin, Manila Archbishop, 7 December 1986.

Concepcion Church Altar. Malabon
The interior of the church is beautiful with its many ceiling paintings depicting different bible scenes specifically, the 14 stations of the cross. 

Concepcion Church Interior. View from the front door. Malabon.

Concepcion Church Interior. Priest's view. Malabon.
Though the church is not that big, its sides features large buttresses as a protection for earthquake.

Concepcion Church's side. Malabon.

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