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Tibiao : Antique's Adventure Town

Tibiao is a small quiet town in the northern part of Antique Province. Few people in the capital have heard of the town but through the efforts of its officials and some private establishments, it is now slowly being known as Antique's Adventure Town for the many different activities it offers to the visitors. 

Mountain Scenery from Tibiao River, Antique

What I am actually looking forward to when I visited the town is to experience the famed Kawa Hot Bath and to try kayaking the Tibiao River. I wasn't exactly expecting Tibiao to be naturally beautiful, but it is! The mountains, the river, the trees and the sunlight's beam upon them are all beautiful and mesmerizing. Who am I to complain upon being presented with such beauty?

Tibiao Zip Trip - Zipline
Fear Buster Tower - Wall Climbing/Rapelling

Many activities awaits the visitors upon arriving at Tibiao. One can try Ziplining, Wall Climbing and Rapelling, River Kayaking, Falls Trekking (to Bugtong Bato Falls) and Kawa Hot Bath. I tried only two of these activities due to my limited time in the town.

Kayak Inn Accomodation

I reached Kayak Inn (a kubo style accomodation facility in Brgy. Importante where I spent the night) around 3 PM and I was immediately served with hot coffee. After some minutes of resting, I readied myself for an action packed kayaking adventure down Tibiao River.

Kayaking Tibiao River

That was actually my first time kayaking in a river and I felt nervous because the rain started to fall while we were on our way to the kayak's starting point. And what a very heavy downpour it was! 

My kayak keeled over. I thought I was a goner! (Just joking though...!)
My kayak left me and I was alone, dragged by the torrent of water... having fun!
And I did it! I reached the end minus my kayak! Ako ang nagwagi laban sa malakas na alon!

After the fun-filled kayak adventure, we returned to Kayak Inn, and there was a hot bath already waiting for me. My muscles which were seldom used except that day were all ready for the treat!

I actually fit inside the kawa. If the witches are true, they'll have no difficulty cooking me whole! :)
A very relaxing hot bath in a kawa!

The inn uses large "kawa" or cauldron instead of the conventional bath tub for their visitor's hot bath. The water in the kawa is warmed by the blazing firewoods underneath (which brings images of a witch preparing her large kawa for cooking her human captive, hehehe...). 

Kawa all around Kayak Inn

After enjoying the hot bath for almost 45 minutes, I decided to call it a day and went to my kubo to eat, then sleep. Early morning the next day, I had a short tour around Kayak Inn where I was able to visit two hanging bridges over Tibiao River. After that, I rode a habal habal which brought me to the highway so that I may catch a bus going to Kalibo. 

Rustic scenery around Tibiao

To be able to enjoy my visit to Tibiao, I made contact with Ate Shiela, Kayak Inn's caretaker, prior to visiting the town. She may be contacted at 09287790776 or 09215701947. I asked Ate Shiela whether habal-habal is always available and she said that they will just fetch me from the highway to the inn by habal-habal, cost is 100 one-way.

One may be able to reach the place by coming from Kalibo (then hopping on a bus going to San Jose de Buenavista or Iloilo via Antique); San Jose de Buenavista, Antique's capital; or Iloilo (then riding a bus going to Libertad, Pandan, Caticlan or Kalibo as long as the trip is via Antique). 

Below are the walk-in peso rates of Kayak Inn:

Kayak Inn's Rate
To be able to enjoy and experience all available activities, it is suggested to stay here for at least 2 days full days (unlike me who arrived late afternoon then left early in the morning). 

Enjoy Tibiao ! :)
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