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Cauayan : Isabela's Emerging City

I came to really took notice of Cauayan City through a forum ( wherein many forumers from the said city are eagerly posting their city's each and every development. My curiosity got the best of me, and this became one of the reasons why I embarked on a 2 day journey around the provinces of Isabela and Cagayan.

Cauayan City Hall. Isabela.
This city takes pride in the fact that for a very long time now, Isabela's most influential politicians and leaders came from it. Cauayan City is actually the home of the Dy family who has ruled the province of Isabela for so many decades now. Even Grace Padaca, the lone woman who tried to break Dy's rule in the province came from this city. 

The day I came to Cauayan is also the day I came to realize the city's potential to become Isabela's next big city. I noticed the many establishments in the city proper as well as the briskness of business around the city market. There are some truth on what the forumers (from the forum I mentioned earlier) are saying though some of it I think were exaggerated if based in the present condition but maybe possible in the near future. 

A noticeable establishment in the city proper. Cauayan City.
The city's main tourism draw is the century old Cauayan Church, otherwise known as Our Lady of the Pillar Church. This church, just like other churches in most of the Philippine towns, served a big part in the story of the foundation of the city itself. The foundation of Cauayan as a parish preceded its foundation as a town in the 1740's. 

Cauayan Church. Isabela.
The church's century old facade is still intact and shows the original design. Unfortunately, some other parts of the church such as the bell tower, roofing and interiors were destroyed by earthquake and war and is now replaced with modern materials and designs. 

Cauayan Church Interior. Isabela.
I was only able to tour Cauayan City proper and the opportunity to visit the church and the city hall is enough for me as I am drawn to beautiful and historical structures. For any other spots or activities that the city may be able to offer in the future, I would be glad to come back during the time where I have no need to hurry and a guide/local historian/friend will be able to tour me in the city's other spots while supplying me with interesting stories about the city's history and future developments.


Cebu Pacific offers day flights to Cauayan from Manila for only 35-45 minutes, and vice versa.

One can also just hop on any bus going to Tuguegarao or Aparri passing through Ilagan City. Travel time is 9-10 hours.


This is part of my Isabela-Cagayan tour last August 20-21, 2012. For more on Isabela, you may also visit:

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  1. Ganda nung church. i once set foot here for work. had no time strolling around but i thinks its worth a visit. I was impressed with how the economy is doing there. a lot of busy areas, banks, restaurant, resorts etc. so i guess Cauayan will soon be an economic there in the north.

  2. Yup... Mukhang dun na nga ang tungo nila brod... :)

  3. taga centro po , daan muna kayu!! UMAY KAYON TOY CAUAYAN!!