Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Town hopping Negros Occidental : Historical. Serene. Sweet.

After some failed attempts to visit the island of Negros, I finally managed to do it last September 27-30, 2013. At last, I was finally able to experience and see the island with the sweetest people in the world!

I initially planned on touring Negros Occidental, Negros Oriental and Siquijor during this trip to Negros Island but when I looked at the map, I immediately realized that I can't do it in 4 days considering the fact that one of my objective is to visit, not only all of the Philippine Provinces, but all Philippine Cities as well.

Because of time and budget constraint, I changed my plan to touring the whole province of Negros Occidental instead, and visit all its 13 cities. I am actually intrigued about the very large number of cities the province has (the province with the most number of cities in the whole country) and I would want to check them all out.

Thus, my Negros Occidental Town Hopping Tour!


Upon arriving at Bacolod-Silay International Airport, I got on to a tricycle which brought me to Silay City proper. I had a walking tour of the famed Heritage City, and then hopped on a bus bound to Victorias. After Victorias City, I went next to Cadiz City, then to Sagay City. The last city I was able to have a walking tour is Escalante City. Because it's already dawn, I decided to just spend the night in the next city, San Carlos, and have a walking tour there the next day.

Day 1, Negros Occidental Town Hopping.


I toured San Carlos City early morning the next day. As I was already near Canlaon City, I initially thought of going there but because it might ruin my itinerary, I decided otherwise. After all, Canlaon is not part of Occidental, but of Oriental Negros already. From San Carlos City, I hopped onto a bus going to the Negros Occidental summer capital : Don Salvador Benedicto, a very beautiful, quiet and unassuming town. From Don Salvador Benedicto, I went to Bacolod City but didn't have a walking tour of the city and instead got onto another bus going to Bago City. After having a tour of Bago, I then continue my journey to La Carlota City. As I was in transit to La Carlota, I saw an old church along the way so I decided to alight in front of it. It was in Valladolid, and the town didn't fail me. After checking out the church, I resume my travel to La Carlota City, and reached it at around 3pm. From La Carlota, I got on a bus going to Kabankalan, and from Kabankalan, another bus to Sipalay City, the southernmost city of the province. I spent my night in the city.

Day 2, Negros Occidental Town Hopping.


Early morning the next day, I toured Sipalay City proper. From there, I rode a bus and went back to Kabankalan City to tour it next. From Kabankalan, I went next to Himamaylan City, and then, Hinigaran. From Hinigaran, I proceeded to Bago City to visit a spot I missed the day before. The last city I visited the third day is the city of smile : Bacolod. I checked in a hotel in the city and spent the night there.

Day 3, Negros Occidental Town Hopping.

DAY 4 

The last day of my Negros Town Hopping. I visited some of Bacolod City's spots that I wasn't able to visit the day before. After seeing the grand Bacolod City Hall, I then went to the famous "The Ruins" in Talisay City, and after that, visited Talisay City town proper. From there, I went directly to Silay, eat my lunch there, and proceeded to the airport, wrapping up my Negros Occidental tour through buying Napoloenes, Piaya and Mamon Tostado at Bongbong's outlet at Bacolod-Silay International Airport.

Day 4, Negros Occidental Town Hopping.

All in all, my Negros Occidental tour was a blast. I was treated to a plethora of sceneries, experiences and historical tidbits which I like the most. The map below shows the route I was able to made around the province in my 4 days of traveling and townhopping.

In the next days and weeks, each cities and towns I had visited will be featured in this blog so keep posted! 
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I am ROMEL RAFOR JAIME, the man behind San Josenyong Gala. My travel blogger name came about because I am a proud resident of the City of San Jose del Monte, Bulacan. In real life, I am a licensed librarian who works in a college in Gapan, Nueva Ecija as a librarian and teaches general education subjects from time to time. My goal is to visit all the 81 provinces of the Philippines before visiting other countries. As of 2017, I have already visited 73... :)


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    1. Try it too brod... Pag nagka-time ka... Fulfilling... :)

  2. Those are the days that one will never forget! Ang swerte mo naman, you get to travel to beautiful places. Wish I could do it someday.

  3. I live in La Carlota City. I never knew that you're going to our place. If you've contacted me earlier, we have met personally. Hope you will be coming in our place someday.

    1. Sayang po pala sir Gil! Nakaligtaan ko po at nagplano ako eh the night before lang ng flight ko...

  4. i love how you said it: 13 cities, 3 towns. More than half an island. 4 days. One traveler. Wow, big thumbs up for you! Looking forward for your feature of each city and town. I am from Negros Occidental :) Bacolod City.

  5. Awww such adventures you have in just a short period of time. Wish I can do that.

  6. You are such a certified wanderlust! Thanks a lot for the virtual tour! I have never been to any town or city in Negros Occidental.

  7. Ingit naman ako. Next time bro, sama mo naman ako.

  8. 13 cities and 3 towns, that's a lot of area to cover. Will be looking out for your succeeding features here.

  9. oh wow...that trip did have a great opportunity for you to explore each to see what good they have. Can't wait to fhe town to be seen.

  10. Good for you you have explored this part of the Visayas, I'd like to do the same soon :)

  11. That's a nice itinerary. I've been to Iloilo but never got the chance to vivist Bacolod.

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  13. hi from the page negros occi and negros ori..i enjoyed your tour....next time contact me, sabay tayo..talaga...:)