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Unexpected Beauty : Talavera

(This is part of my Nueva Ecija townhopping last June 12, 2013)

Talavera is a Nueva Ecija town found at the center of the province. It was formerly part of Cabanatuan during the Spanish period but separated and became a new town in 1852 ( It was then known as Barrio Katugian (place where many "tugue" or mung beans sprouts) but where joined by barrio La Torre, Pulong Buli, Conception and Valle when it separated from Cabanatuan to form the new town.

Talavera Town Church. Nueva Ecija.
My last destination for my one day Nueva Ecija tour is the town of Talavera. I have never been to Talavera before and I just heard the town through some of my friends but there’s not a mention of anything special about the town. One of my friends, Ma’am Lynniel Carbonel lives in Talavera but she hasn’t told me anything interesting about it because maybe we were preoccupied with some other things related to our jobs because we are both in the academe. So I wasn’t really expecting something while I am on my way to Talavera from Muñoz.

It was a great surprise for me when I got to see how beautiful the town proper of Talavera is! It was a beautifully planned town proper obviously designed to attract tourist like me to keep coming back and marvel at its beauty.

Talavera Town Church. Nueva Ecija.
The very first thing I saw was the newly renovated town church. It was made to look like it was built with bricks even if it is not. Actualy, the church looked like a little castle or a fortress. Statues of different catholic saints can be found in every post of the fence, including the two Filipino saints, San Lorenzo Ruiz and San Pedro Calungsod.

San Lorenzo Ruiz                                        San Pedro Calungsod

Beside the church is the spacious town gym which has a small aviary, containing colorful birds, at the front. Across the road, in front of the church, is the beautifully designed town hall with a well-landscaped park. Though somewhat small, the park has benches where the park goers can sit while looking at the beautiful ornamental and flowering plants surrounding it.

Talavera Municipal Hall and Town Park
Talavera Municipal Hall
At the center of the park is a statue of the national hero, Jose Rizal, full with wreaths that day as a commemoration of the 115th Philippine Independence Day.

Jose Rizal Monument. Talavera, Nueva Ecija.
At the left side of the municipal hall is a mini-aviary and zoo. Different species of colorful birds can be found inside the aviary, as well as iguanas and a pair of cute breed of chicken.

Talavera Mini-zoo and Aviary. Nueva Ecija.

The town proper was perfectly designed for people to while away their boredom. It has complete amenities such as the gym where you can play basketball and volleyball and other sports. Clean comfort rooms are available, situated at the right side of the municipal hall. Food stalls can be found just beside the church, the gym and the municipal hall, selling assortment of snack for everyone to enjoy.

Left side of the Talavera Church
Water Fountain at Talavera Church yard
All in all, I was really not expecting the beauty and the satisfaction that Talavera has given me. I can really said that Talavera is indeed an unexpected beauty, at least for me. I just hope that the local government will be able to maintain the beauty of the town proper as well as the facilities and amenities that they offer to their people and tourists alike. Talavera must continue showcasing its beauty coupled with the best part: for the people to be able to enjoy the beauty of the town for free!


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  1. My father is from Cabanatuan and looking at your pictures and because of the excited tone of yours, i want to grab my backpack and head home... hehe.

  2. wow, the external structure of this church is really beautiful, I appreciate the simplicity and the beauty of it.

  3. this is my hometown and that plaza used to be my playground :)

    ang dami ng nagbago sa lugar na yan mas maganda man siya ngayon, para sa akin, mas maganda siya dati :)

  4. That is where my brother was baptized! Talavera is my mom's hometown. I believe there are python snakes in their municipal hall too?

  5. Never thought na sa Pinas ito. Amazing! Ang ganda talaga ng Pilipinas. Kudos sa blogger for doing this! #PotPot :D

  6. Really an unexpected beauty! :) very patriot country..
    - Juven Jimenez

  7. I hope I can visit this place and meet the girl I love that lives there.

    Thank you for giving me insight in some of Talavera's best scenery.

    1. Go to her sir, and be with her... I'm sure the beauty of Talavera is nothing compared to her beauty... :)

    2. Well then thank you sir.

      Talavera is indeed a beautiful town. No one expect this town so beautiful yet simple.

      If she allows me to see me in person I'll go there the moment she wants to see me.

  8. mas maganda pa po ang simbahan sa loob nia ..
    pasyal po kayo sa aming bayan
    talavera boy