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The town which claims Gabriela Silang: Pidigan

(This post is part of my Abra Townhopping last June 15, 2013)

The last town of Abra I have visited before visiting Tangadan Tunnel is the town of Pidigan. Only about 6 kms. from the capital, Bangued, the town can be reached by getting into a tricycle for Php 20.00 each passenger. The terminal can be found at the left side if you are facing the Bangued Cathedral.

Pidigan is known for the claims that the mighty other half of the famous Diego Silang of Ilocos Sur, Gabriela Silang, was born in this town. That claim still lingers until the present even though written documents point to Santa, Ilocos Sur as the birthplace of Gabriela Silang.

The claim about Gabriela Silang being born in the town is manifested by the imposing monument of Gabriela Silang standing at the center of the Pidigan Plaza. When I reached Pidigan, that monument was the first thing that I have noticed.

It is interesting to note that I had no idea that Pidigan has an old church albeit a worn down one. I was amazed and excited as I saw an average sized brick church just beside a newer church. It is always a satisfying experience for me to see old edifices as they bring me back to the olden time.

Unfortunately, no historical marker can be found in the vicinity that will explain to me the history of the said church so I did a little research. According to a website I chanced upon, the church was built in 1832 but was badly burned in 1881. It was rebuilt in 1886 and was finally completed in 1890.

The present state of the church prevents it from further being used for masses. A newer church was built beside the old church. The old church was never demolished, and luckily, been preserved even if it's not being utilized for the purpose it was built though the local government sometimes uses it as granary or warehouse. I hope said church will continue to exist for the years to come.

New and Old Pidigan Church standing side by side. This is a perfect example of a "new meets old".
Just at the right side of the road fronting the town church is the town's municipal hall, which at the time of my visit was closed. I could have visited the tourism office if it has been opened so that all my questions can be answered without relying so much on online information but on first hand ones.

After my short walking tour around the small town proper, I walked back to the  main road and flagged down a passing jeepney to bring me to Tangadan Tunnel, my last destination in Abra.


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  1. I really like your travel posts. I'm so glad to know that you are also from San Jose del Monte. :)

    1. Wow, thank you sir!

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  2. Uy! rami mong napuntahan sa Abra ah.. Right now, di ko pa napopost ang mga trips ko dito. Naunahan mo ako sa Pidigan Church!

    1. Gulat nga po ako sa Pidigan Church eh... Hindi ko kasi inaasahan na may redbrick church pala sila, ang ipinunta ko po dun ay iyong monument ni Gabriela Silang... :)

  3. I have never been to that place I have only been to Ilocos among the provinces in northern Luzon. This place seems interesting as well because of its historical significance.

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